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Easily collect and organize all your customers' feedback into one place to provide valuable insight.

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It's time you got more from your customer feedback

Don't be the data nut that everyone thought you were

Happy. Sad. And all the way between

They love the interface. They hate providing feedback. They’re angry, happy, indifferent, but most importantly, they love your product.


Understanding human feedback is hard. Our sentiment tool adds an extra dimension to your analysis, giving you deep insights into your customers’ thoughts and feelings.

Discover actionable insights from any data source with just one click

You will not ever make the most impactful business decisions by simply analyzing quantitative customer data. The richest insights are found at the intersection of qualitative and quantitative data from every stage of the customer journey.

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Easily understandable dashboards

Price was too high. Quality was too low. Response time was too long. Review experience sucked. How do you choose which customers’ issues to work on? Which would bring in the most ROI?


Our dashboard will tell you exactly that. Quickly see the customer issues that need prioritizing and understand how fixing them will boost your scores.


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“MyCaptain, as an edtech startup, has one of the largest networks of Campus Ambassadors in the country. We found that the NPS calculator for the Campus Ambassador survey was extremely helpful for us. It helped us understand our advocates and detractors in a structured way where we could focus on improving our productivity.”

Atul, Resource Manager, MyCaptain

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Gain real-world insights—fast

Work smarter than you think

Take strategic customer service decisions

Identify CX pain points in seconds

Next-gen insights for customer-loving business

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Enjoy complete trust in our analysis and effortlessly find answers to business questions with deep, actionable insights.


Use insights provided by our SaaS platform to drive buy-in, and deliver measurable, customer-centric changes

We provide your Customer Experience needs for your team in one place.

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